Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to frequently asked questions. Is your question not listed? Please contact us by phone (055-505 1359) or email (

What are the arrival and departure times?
If you have rented a chalet, you can check in from 15:00 pm, check-out is 11:00. If you have booked a pitch, you can at the campsite from 14.00. On departure day you must be off before 12:00 of the place.

Until how late can I check in?
You can check in until 21:00. When you arrive, we'll be here like to know after 18:00, so that we can take into account.

Until how late can I enter the campsite?
You can drive to the site with your gate pass between 07.00 and 23.00. Camping out is always possible in case of emergency. If you have to the central parking access, you can be 24 hours a day and driving.

Is a firepit allowed?
No, a fire pit is not allowed.

A barbecue is allowed?
Yes, it can. However, we ask you to put a bucket of water next (in an emergency).

There is WiFi available on site? If so, what are the costs?
Yes almost the entire camp is wifi. As of March 31, 2017, we have fiber at the campsite. This admits that KPN users free use of the hotspot. No KPN users can purchase a code from reception. (Rates are still unknown).

Are pets allowed?
No, unfortunately there are no pets allowed at the camp.

Is the site suitable for the disabled?
No, the campsite is not equipped for the disabled. However, we have pitches with private sanitary cabins. You will have your own shower, toilet and sink.

Unaccompanied youths are allowed?
No, people under 24jr. Unfortunately we can not allow i.v.m. unpleasant experiences in the past.

Is there an Fishing place near?
Yes, in Apeldoorns- / Dierens channel you can fish. For this you need a fishing license. If you have not, then you can apply for a license at Pilgrim in Apeldoorn.

Is there a charging point for electric bicycles?
Yes. Since 2014, we have a charging point for electric bikes. This can be found at the bike rack at the pool.


Can the car be parked at the tent / caravan?
Yes, you can max. 1 car on your own place. If that does not fit, the car along the road from the campsite should be parked. This also applies to any 2nd car.

How big are the pitches?
About 100 sqm.

Is a party tent permitted?
No, a party tent is not allowed.

How many amps current has a pitch?
Most pitches are equipped with 6 ampere current. There is one field where you have 10 amps of current.

Should the camping means be put down in a certain way?
Yes. Each site has two poles that indicate how big the place is. Between those poles you can put down the tent or caravan, with its back to the fence / shrubs. If you stand on a corner site, you can drop the trailer angle.

Is there anywhere a water tap, c.a.i. and discharge present?
No, not anywhere. The comfort seats are fitted with a water tap and c.a.i. Some pitches have cabin A central antenna connection. A drain we have not.

Is there a camper service?
Yes. Since 2014, we have a camper service. You can dump the waste water and fill the tank with clean water. Ask at the front desk where you can find it.

coins are needed for showers?
No, you just press the button. Then you have for ± 6 min. hot water. Then the shower stops for ± 2 min.