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The Veluwe

Did you know?

  • Did you know  ‘De Veluwe’ is second in the world providing  attractions in an area? Florida is number one!
  • Did you know the highest drumlin in The Netherlands sits in National Park ‘Veluwezoom’ near ‘Signaal Imbosch? And that on top of that this is the highest point in The Netherlands except for South Limburg. This hill is 110 metres high.
  • Did you know ‘Kroondomein Het Loo’ in Apeldoorn is the largest  estate in The Netherlands? ‘Het Loo’ measures 10.400 hectares, which is just as big as 10400 soccer fields.
  • Did you know the ‘Veluwezoom’ was the first nature reserve to receive the title National Park? And that makes it the oldest National Park in The Netherlands.
  • Did you know  ‘Hoge Veluwe’ is the second oldest National Park in The Netherlands?  This park was developed in 1935.
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