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Prices shown are based on two persons!
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The cosiest camping in Gelderland

The Veluwelodge is a contemporary and surprisingly spacious chalet. It is fully equipped (including a dishwasher, a good internet connection, television and radio connection, an indoor storage for bicycles) and can accommodate 5 people. There are two bedrooms; one with a double bed and one with a bunk bed and a single bed. The chalet is surrounded by a lot of natural greenery and offers space and privacy. The chalet is located on a very spacious, quiet and sunny place. You can walk or cycle into the woods from your garden.

* Car park at cottage
* Bed linen optional

Availability and prices

Prices shown are based on two persons!
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Your holiday


Prices shown are based on two persons!
Price for 2 guests,  nights with arrival on and departure on
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  • 1x vleesmes
  • 1x broodmes
  • 1x schilmes
  • 2x opscheplepel
  • 2x spatel
  • 1x soeplepel
  • 1x garde
  • 1x kaasschaaf
  • 1x aardappelstamper
  • 1x slacouvert
  • 1x slakom
  • 1x vergiet
  • 1x maatbeker
  • 2x snijplank
  • 1x ovenschaal
  • 2x pan
  • 1x steelpan
  • 2x koekenpan
  • 1x hapjespan
  • 3x onderzetter pan
  • 6x kleine onderzetter
  • 1x koffieschep
  • 1x schaar
  • 1x blikopener
  • 1x flesopener
  • 1x dienblad
  • 1x koffiezetapparaat
  • 1x fluitketel
  • 3x voorraad bus
  • 1x broodrooster

  • 6x lepel
  • 6x mes
  • 6x vork
  • 6x theelepel
  • 6x ontbijt bord
  • 6x plat bord
  • 6x diep bord
  • 6x mok
  • 6x theeglas
  • 6x bierglas
  • 6x sapglas
  • 6x longdrink glas
  • 6x wijn glas
  • 6x eierdop
  • 6x eierlepel
  • 6x dessert schaal
  • 6x desser lepel
  • kinder bestek, bordjes, bekers

  • 1x klok
  • 1x televisie
  • 1x rookmelder
  • spellen
  • tekenspullen

  • 1x tuintafel
  • 1x parasol
  • 6x tuinstoelen
  • 2x ligbed

  • 6x hoofdkussen
  • 6x dekbed
  • 6x moltonhoes
  • 6x moltonsloop
  • 8x kleerhanger
  • 2x bedhek

  • 1x bezem
  • 1x stoffer en blik
  • 1x stofzuiger
  • 1x emmer
  • 1x mop
  • 1x afwasteil
  • 1x afwasrek
  • 1x droogrek
  • 1x vuilnisbak


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